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Being throughout business since 2000 season, at all times we were devoted to provide our consumers with high quality brand name and generic medications from inexpensive costs. Currently we all offer more than one thousand different items from various pharmacological groups that arrive in several pharmaceutical forms such as Generic Keppra is an anti-epileptic drug, also called an anticonvulsant. Generic Keppra is used to treat partial onset seizures in adults and children who are at least 1 month old. Generic Keppra is also used to treat tonic-clonic seizures in adults and children who are at least 6 years old, and myoclonic seizures in adults and children who are at least 12 years old.. Generisch Keppra (Levetiracetam 250/500/750/1000mg) € 0.70 Pille - Antikonvulsiva @ Canadian online pharmacy. Cheap Canadian online pharmacy.


Generisch Keppra


Levetiracetam 250/500/750/1000mg

Marke(n): Torleva

Hersteller: Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited

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250mg × 10 tablet€1.59€15.88Kaufen!
250mg × 20 tablet€0.97€19.41Kaufen!
250mg × 30 tablet€0.77€22.95Kaufen!
250mg × 60 tablet€0.74€44.18Kaufen!
250mg × 90 tablet€0.72€64.52Kaufen!

PackungPro PillePreisKaufen
500mg × 10 tablet€2.30€22.95Kaufen!
500mg × 20 tablet€1.90€37.99Kaufen!
500mg × 30 tablet€1.77€53.03Kaufen!
500mg × 60 tablet€1.52€91.06Kaufen!
500mg × 90 tablet€1.43€129.09Kaufen!

PackungPro PillePreisKaufen
750mg × 10 tablet€2.30€22.95Kaufen!
750mg × 20 tablet€2.12€42.41Kaufen!
750mg × 30 tablet€1.91€57.45Kaufen!
750mg × 60 tablet€1.71€102.56Kaufen!
750mg × 90 tablet€1.65€148.55Kaufen!
750mg × 120 tablet€1.55€186.59Kaufen!

PackungPro PillePreisKaufen
1000mg × 10 tablet€3.09€30.91Kaufen!
1000mg × 20 tablet€2.30€45.95Kaufen!
1000mg × 30 tablet€2.15€64.52Kaufen!
1000mg × 60 tablet€2.03€122.02Kaufen!
1000mg × 90 tablet€1.95€175.09Kaufen!
1000mg × 120 tablet€1.90€228.16Kaufen!
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